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Connect & Thrive

Introducing our virtual support groups to connect and thrive, where we manage to offer the same warm and comforting environment as our in-person gatherings. Our online communities are perfect for individuals who are unable to attend in-person events or prefer the convenience of a virtual setting.

Find out more about our available online support groups below. 

Online Support Group

Hosted on Facebook

Our online support group provides a supportive space where you can connect with others who understand the unique challenges of chronic illness. Engage in meaningful conversations, share experiences, and find solace in the company of like-minded individuals from the comfort of your own home.

As we continue to grow, we aim to transition the support group to our website, ensuring an even more dedicated and inclusive space. Stay tuned for an enhanced online experience where you can connect, share, and thrive together with our expanding community.

Join us to experience the uplifting sense of hope, belonging, and lasting connections that our support network provides. Together, we can navigate the journey of chronic illness with support, understanding, and strength.

Online Forum

Hosted on our website

Introducing our online forum, a supportive haven, where you can find a warm and welcoming community right on our website. This virtual platform is perfect for individuals seeking a supportive space that allows for more focused and in-depth discussions related to chronic illness.

Connect with others who share similar experiences and challenges, engaging in meaningful conversations and providing valuable support. While the forum may have a slightly less chatty atmosphere, the warmth and sense of belonging remain just as strong.

Join our supportive haven on our website and discover a compassionate community that values open and insightful discussions. Connect, share knowledge, and find community in the support of others who truly understand the journey of living with chronic illness

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